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  • Education

    Senator McFadden knows that a strong education is the best path to a bright future for our children. As a former educator and principal in the Baltimore City Public School system, Senator McFadden knows the value of a strong education and is committed to improving Baltimore City’s education system and will not rest until every child in Baltimore City has an opportunity to graduate with a great education. It is because of this commitment to education and understanding of the needs of our public education system that Senator McFadden has led the way for our state to fund K-12 Education.

    Under Senator McFadden’s leadership Maryland spends over $6 billion on education and has a strong commitment to fully funding K-12 education. Senator McFadden's role on the Senate Budget & Taxation committee and in the Senate ensures that Baltimore City's needs are met. During the 2013 session alone, Senator McFadden's work enabled roof replacements, HVAC upgrades and other needed maintenence to schools throughout the 45th District including Hazelwood Elementary, Johnston Square Elementary, Brehms Lane Elementary, and Thurgood Marshall Middle and Montebello Elementary Junior Academy, amoung others.

    This past session, Senator McFadden's advocacy was critical in securing funding for the most ambitious school construction program in Baltimore City history. Thanks to McFadden's leadership, the City will be able to spend $1 billion in renovating and replacing schools throughout the City as part of a revitilization program to make certain that our children can receive a great education in modern and comfortable classrooms.

    Senator McFadden is also a strong supporter of access and affordability of higher education, for students throughout the state. Nobody should be unable to attend college due to lack of resources which is why Senator McFadden has worked hard to freeze tuition at Maryland Colleges and Universities for four years in a row and keep tuition increases low since that point. In addition, he has supported increasing funding for need-based scholarships and has worked hard to keep our community colleges affordable.

  • Environment

    Senator McFadden believes that “we do not inherit the earth from our parents, we rent it from our children” and is a strong advocate for leaving our state, country and planet a better place then we find it. Senator McFadden knows that we can do so while reducing energy costs and creating jobs for future generations and is committed to doing so. Senator McFadden is a strong supporter of a number of programs in Maryland that create green jobs and bring renewable energy opportunities to Maryland. Under Senator McFadden’s leadership, Maryland has passed landmark legislation including a solar and geothermal tax credit, strong energy conservation programs and the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act of 2009, which sets a goal of a 20% reduction in emissions by the year 2020.

    This past session, Senator McFadden co-sponsored and voted for the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2013, to make certain that Marylanders will have access to clean and affordable energy long into the future.

  • Public Safety

    Senator McFadden is a strong advocate for tough public safety laws to keep our families safe. As a Senator, Senator McFadden has been an ardent protector of our families. Whether it is his sponsorship of bills to crack down on child pornography, his efforts to crack down on guns and gangs, or his efforts to make sure our Judiciary provides for fair trials and swift justice, Senator McFadden is there to protect our community.

    During the 2013 session, Senator McFadden was a passionate cosponsor of the Firearm Safety Act of 2013, speaking passionately from the floor on the need to restrict access to deadly weapons and to keep the most violent weapons out of reach. He strongly supported the registration requirment that will help crack down on straw purchases and voted for $25 million in funding for public school safety measures.

    In addition to his general work on Public Safety, Senator McFadden has been a leader in keeping our families safe from sexual predators. He has long advocated for the creation and expansion of Maryland’s statewide sex offender registry to make certain that we can keep our families safe. He has sponsored and cosponsored many pieces of legislation to expand the database, increase penalties for sexual predators and keep our children safe from child sex predators.

  • Healthcare

    Senator McFadden is a strong supporter of Universal Health Care. He is an ardent fighter on the state and federal level to make certain that every person in our state is covered. During the 2007 Special Session, Senator McFadden’s leadership was critical in expanding health care coverage to over 100,000 more Marylanders through Medicaid and offering small businesses subsidies so they could afford to provide Health Care coverage to their employees. 

    In addition to his work on attaining Universal Health Care, Senator McFadden has worked to make our current Healthcare system more accessible for those who need it and has worked to hold health insurance companies accountable. By closing the Medicare Part D “Donut Hole”, Senator McFadden made sure that Maryland seniors will not suddenly fall into debt due to an inability to pay for prescriptions. Due to his work and leadership in the Senate in the 2010 session, he has ensured that insurers will not be able to charge patients exorbitant fees simply because they received an annual checkup only 360 days earlier and not a full year earlier. Senator McFadden knows that a healthy society is vital to help moving our families.

    Senator McFadden's leadership on healthcare recently has been focused on working implementing President Obama's Affordable Care Act. Senator McFadden fought against Republican efforts to defund Obamacare, and has made sure that Maryland is a leader in implementing the health care program so all Marylanders can have greater access to affordable health care.

  • Other Issues

    Every legislative session, thousands of bills are introduced in the General Assembly. As your State Senator, I have a serious responsibility to represent your interests in Annapolis and the bills I sponsor and co-sponsor represent just a few of the key issues I advocate for on your behalf. Please click here to see my Legislation Sponsored Page.

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